Stepping Up The Social Media Teaching Strategies Thanks To AEJMC Magazine Panel

In the effort to help students prepare for a magazine world where publications are shifts from paper to pixels, three professors shared some teaching tips based on their own research that might change the way we teach social media in our journalism classes.

BLACKSBURG, Va– The notion of “save the best for last,” definitely applies to a trio of presentations scheduled for the tail end of  the AEJMC Southeast Colloquium last weekend here on the Virginia Tech campus.

Representing the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Magazine Division, Yanick Rice Lamb, Erin Coyle, and Susan Sivek delivered a set of recommendations for “Going Digital: Preparing Students to Succeed as Magazines Move from Paper to Pixels.”

“This is more than just a shift in the delivery method,” Sivek said. “It’s about changing our mindset as professors and instructors. Audience expectations are changing.”

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