Advice to faculty: Encourage your students to build their brand

Andy Koen from KOAA-TV in Colorado Springs gives attendees at AEJMC 2010 reality check on the life of a TV reporters in 2010.

DENVER– Journalism professors need to encourage their students to work on building their personal brand.

That’s the first piece of advice coming out of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Conference here in the ‘Mile High’ City.

This morning’s panel “Preparing Students for What’s Next in Student Media” featured a couple of academics (journalism professors who work with students every day) and a full-time video journalist from KOAA-TV in Colorado Springs.

It was Andy Koen from KOAA-TV who gave the advice about personal branding, a reality he faces as he also shoots and edits his own television stories.

Andy talked about the challenges of having time to add things to his blog while doing the other things that television news reporters have to do.

Koen also showed off some of his videography  on his YouTube channel.

In one example, he explained how a posting of his news package from the Air Force Academy  graduation has had hundreds of views.

Meeting Andy and seeing his work, getting his advice for my students is the reason we make the trip to Colorado for AEJMC each year.