Gene Patterson Interview Reminds Us What A Great Mind We’ve Lost

An archival video of Eugene Patterson, posted by Tampa Bay Times, provides us a reminder of what a great journalist and great mind we’ve lost with the death of this Pulitzer Prize winner.

Thanks to the Tampa Bay Times and The Poynter Institute,  we have a video that can remind us all of what a great contribution Eugene Patterson made to our profession of journalism.

Patterson, a former Times Publishing Co. editor and CEO, who also made his mark as an editor at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, died Saturday at the age of 89.

Appropriately, the Tampa Bay Times’ tribute website is appropriately titled “He made a mark.”

He definitely did– a BIG MARK.

Most newspapers and web sites are content just running Associated Press Reporter Mitch Stacy’s obituary on Patterson, which is comprehensive.

I  think this video, though, tells us so much more, when you can see Patterson reflecting on his life in his own words.

He says the three most influential people in his life were his mother, Ralph McGill (another former AJC editor) and Nelson Poynter (who started what would later be named The Poynter Institute).