Prolific Children’s Writer Wows Tuscaloosa Audience

She’s published more than 65 books, but it’s the story behind Crystal Bowman’s publications that inspired a roomful of Christian writers tonight here at First Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa.

“When I was writing Meditations for Moms, I didn’t picture a young man with post-partum depression,” said Bowman. “That’s the awesome thing about publishing.  We can’t begin to know how God is going to use.”

In a keynote address titled “Finding Purpose in your writing,” Bowman gave attendees a heavy dose of advice while providing a sampling of her stellar storytelling skills.

Publishing your book is not just about being a successful author   Bowman reminded those at the Southern Christian Writers Conference we are also called “to touch lives” and “to point people to Christ.”

“What I think we need to do as writers is to be obedient, be faithful and allow God to use our writing as a way he sees fit.”

She also recounted how a manuscript she intended to be a book ended up being selected for publication in Clubhouse, Jr. Magazine