USC opens tenth convergence journalism gathering

Carol Pardun, director of the University of South Crarolina School o fJournalism and Mass Communication officially opened the 10th Convergence & Society Conference.

COLUMBIA, SC– It’s been a decade since journalism researchers such as myself have been gathering each fall to talk about multimedia and the blending of print, broadcast and online media (better known as convergence).

The 10th Convergence & Society conference opened today with a panel of research presentations on the microblogging tool Twitter.   Your truly was among those sharing research projects that are in progress and focused on how Twitter is being used and its impact on journalism.

The dual theme for this year’s conference is sustainability and regeneration  We’ll be seeing how those come out in the day’s conversations through today and tomorrow.

Carol Pardun, director of South Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication opened today’s conference.    There are about three dozen attendeees here, most of whom will be presenting at some point during the next few days.

We’ll be sending some updates via Twitter today with the conference hashtag   #SJConf