About George Daniels

George L. Daniels is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. After spending eight years in the television newsroom working as a producer at stations in Richmond, Virginia; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Atlanta, Georgia, Daniels moved from the newsroom to the classroom.  His research on diversity issues in the media workplace and change in the television newsroom has appeared in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator and The Journal of Radio Studies. Before going to work in television news, Daniels worked briefly as a freelance writer for The Richmond Free Press in Richmond, Va, his hometown. He also edited a campus ministry magazine, Rhythm. He is a cum laude graduate of Howard University and holds graduate degrees from The University of Georgia.

2 thoughts on “About George Daniels”

  1. Thank you, Professor Daniels for taking a moment out of, I am sure a busy schedule, and writing such a warm and lovely article about my nephew.

  2. Thank you for writing such a beautiful tribute to a woman who has meant the world to me — Evonne Whitmore, Ph.D. I loved her greatly and as I told one of the professors at Kent State, Dr. Whitmore was the one who sparked my love for tv producing. She was the first one to professionally recognize my potential to be a great collegiate educator and advocate and support me through graduate school. I was her graduate assistant and I worked with her on a number of projects she produced for AEJMC. Dr. Whitmore’s legacy has inspired me to follow in her footsteps and become a collegiate instructor. Dr. Whitmore truly changed my life and I will miss her greatly.

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