Completing Mayor’s Cup Gives New Meaning to April 27th

Two years ago this afternoon an EF-4 tornado tore through Tuscaloosa and wiped out so many homes and neighborhoods.

This is a file photo taken in November 2012 after I completed the Couch to 5K at The University of Alabama.

As we remember those lives lost in the storm and the city continues to recover, I am proud to report something positive happened for me personally on this two-year anniversary.

I walked my SECOND 5K this morning.    For several years, I have been TALKING about doing “The Mayor’s Cup.”   I’ve even registered for it and starting training for it.  But, until this morning, it had never really happened.

Today at 8 a.m. that all changed as I joined about 1400 other neighbors and friends who moved through the streets of downtown Tuscaloosa on the 7th Annual Mayor’s Cup, an event started by Mayor Walt Maddox to help raise funds for our Pre-K Program.

It Started with the Crimson Couch to 5K

This journey to being more active — enough to finish the 3.1 mile route began last fall as I participated in the Crimson Couch to 5K Initiative at The University of Alabama.   For more than two months,  we met on cold mornings and trained for the 5K, which was held in November.

After November, I sustained a stress fracture and landed in a boot.

But, when I came out of boot in January, I vowed that I would walk another 5K.

And it happened today.

Next Goal

As those who are athletes and/or physically fit know, it’s not really about the race, but the fitness-intensive lifestyle that one develops, which makes the difference.
I started out last fall thinking I was going to become a runner.   But, after one training session running through the intramural fields at UA, I knew I could not keep that up, at least not at that point.

Now,  I have the momentum to try running again.   It’s a slow process.  But, I believe I can do it.