Failing to Recover in 2011, I Must Re-group in the New Year

While I did not recover all that I set out to recover on the first day of 2011, I can see more clearly what I need to do to make it happen in 2012. It’s time to reflect on 2011 and prepare for the beginning of a new year in just hours.

RICHMOND, Va.– From homebase- in the greatest city in the world– Virginia’s capital city I reflect for just a few minutes on a year that according to my first blog post of 2011 was to be a YEAR OF RECOVERY.

I was going to recover good health through continuing weight loss.  I was going to recover time by stepping down from leadership positions that require too much of my time.  I was going to recover order in my life.

I wrote 364 days ago the following:

Besides my health and my time,  I will recover order in my own life by having fewer things to do.   That means withdrawing from AT LEAST THREE leadership roles in 2011.  I am looking forward to having order because I have finally acknowledged the limitations that mandate I prioritize and cut from my agenda things that are just not humanly possible to accomplish.   Setting clear boundaries is an important step for me in 2011.

Now tonight, it’s the end of 2011 and I have miserably failed in these attempts to make the necessary changes in my life.  Does this mean 2011 was a year of failure for me?

No, I won’t go that far.  But, hindsight says there are deeper issues that prompted me to languish in my efforts at recovery.   Understanding WHY These were areas where recovery was needed is an important first step in the right direction as I consider what to do in 2012.

I believe in New Year’s Resolutions only IF There are clear, measurable ways to reach those things we resolve to do and someone to whom we can be accountable to chart our progress Month-by-month, week-by-week and even day-by-day.

I lost 4.2 pounds this week.  So the health recovery was not entirely a failure.  While year-to-year, I experienced a slight weight gain (2010 compared to 2011), the difference is one of just three pounds.  

So, in the final three hours of the year as I prepare now to watch in the new year with fellow congregants at Fourth Baptist Church this evening, I think about why Idid not recover some things in 2011 and what I must change to recover those things EARLY in 2012.  

Tonight I purchased a boatlaod of Thank You Cards because I have resolved to immediately spend some time writing to  thank those who helped me accomplish what I DID accomplish in 2011.  It’s never too late to say thank you.   

Recovery relationships that have deteriorated due to lack of maintenance is another area that I must give immediate attention in the opening days of the new year. 

The reflection continues.   I must have an update by the time we reach 2012. 


Author: George Daniels

George L. Daniels is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Alabama. After spending eight years in the local television newsroom working as a producer at stations in Richmond, Virginia; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Atlanta, Georgia, Daniels moved from the newsroom to the classroom. He’s conducted research on diversity issues in the media workplace and change in the television newsroom as well as media convergence. Before going to work in television news, Daniels worked briefly as a freelance writer for The Richmond Free Press in his hometown of Richmond, Va.

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