Birmingham News Interactive Leader Shares Wisdom with UA Students

Birmingham News Interactive Director Staci Brown Brooks visited students in the Capstone Association of Black Journalists Wednesday evening.

Birmingham News Interactive Director Staci Brown Brooks addressed students Wednesday night at the Capstone Association of Black Journalists Meeting at University of Alabama.

She  may have been at The Birmingham News for nine years, but not until tonight has University of Alabama alumna Staci Brown Brooks been in the position to return to her alma with the stature of one who’s on the cutting edge of multimedia journalism at Alabama’s largest news operation.

As director of interactive content for what has historically been Alabama’s largest newspaper (recently multimedia organization), Brooks is now carrying a cross-platform message about meeting readers of The Birmingham News wherever they are giving them their news whenever and in whatever format they want it. 

Like no other year, 2011 has been one where The Birmingham News has been viewed/consumed in more platforms and formats than ever before, the latest of which is a successful iPad app commemorating Auburn University’s national championship.

Brooks carried around her MacBook Pro, an iPhone and an iPad as she visited UA students in classes this afternoon and gave a talk tonight to the Capstone Association of Black Journalists.

Her visit to the same campus where she studied journalism back in the 1990s, comes just four month after The Birmingham News launched its “This is Our Story” marketing blitz.

Tonight she told that story to a multicultural crowd of students attending an organizational meeting for the University’s affiliated of the National Association of Black Journalists.  Students in journalism, public relations, advertising and other areas of communication listened closely as she talked about some of the News’ latest digital successes. 

Staci Brown Brooks (Center) paused for a quick group photo with Capstone Association of Black Journalists leaders. They are Caryl Cooper (adviser),Amber (President), Amethyst Holmes (Vice President), and Jasmine Williams.

As a 1998-99 Chips Quinn Scholar, Brooks is one many journalists of color who are setting the standard, often as trailblazers in their roles in the nation’s newsrooms, for excellence in our profession. 

These days instead of just reporting or working on the copy desk, Brooks is spending her working hours developing concepts for iPad apps and ways to capitalize on traffic on the Web site, which is The Birmingham News home on the Web.

Author: George Daniels

George L. Daniels is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Alabama. After spending eight years in the local television newsroom working as a producer at stations in Richmond, Virginia; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Atlanta, Georgia, Daniels moved from the newsroom to the classroom. He’s conducted research on diversity issues in the media workplace and change in the television newsroom as well as media convergence. Before going to work in television news, Daniels worked briefly as a freelance writer for The Richmond Free Press in his hometown of Richmond, Va.

One thought on “Birmingham News Interactive Leader Shares Wisdom with UA Students”

  1. Great blog post, Dr. Daniels! We both know these examples of evolving communication technology are certainly an interest of mine! The national championship app was such a great idea! I know if there had been one for Alabama last year, I would have downloaded it!


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