UGA Makes Big Plans to Mark 50th Anniversary of Desegregation

My alma mater, University of Georgia, is set to mark the 50th anniversary of its desegregation in a major way in January 2011.

How exciting to read today that my two-time alma mater, University of Georgia, is gearing up for a major line-up of events commemorating its desegregation 50 years ago.

Just a day after I wrote about the events last week here at  University of Alabama to honor those who paved the way for African Americans here at Alabama’s flagship public institution,  UGA announced its line-up of activities to take place in January 2011 on the 50th anniversary of Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter’s admission to the Athens school.

Check out their Web site promoting the events and key people who have contributed to the diversity at University of Georgia.   It’s remarkable how far things have come there in just 10 years.   A decade ago, as a graduate student, I was involved in  discussions about the need for a diversity officer.

Now they have that and a lot more.    Way to go UGA!  Go Dawgs!

Author: George Daniels

George L. Daniels is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Alabama. After spending eight years in the local television newsroom working as a producer at stations in Richmond, Virginia; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Atlanta, Georgia, Daniels moved from the newsroom to the classroom. He’s conducted research on diversity issues in the media workplace and change in the television newsroom as well as media convergence. Before going to work in television news, Daniels worked briefly as a freelance writer for The Richmond Free Press in his hometown of Richmond, Va.

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